Seven Things Every Sociopath Secretly Has To Deal With

       Over the past few minutes, I’ve noticed a growing number of articles exclaiming “8 Ways to Help Shy People” or “10 Things Everyone Should Understand About Introverted Extroverts” and, while I have no real problem with these in theory, I do take issue with the fact that people of the internet seem to only care about people with feelings. 

      As an aspiring sociopath, I’m pretty sick and tired of people assuming that those of us withOUT feelings don’t have shit to deal with, too. It’s not easy out there for anyone. Here are a few things you may not know the sociopath in your life has to deal with:

1. Other people.
    They exist. Sociopaths hate them. There is no legal way to remedy this conflict, so we suffer. Some people give us things we need like sex and money, but most people are worthless and you can’t get away from them. Families, for example, are the worst. It is really hard to be happy with all you other people still being alive. 

2. Manipulating people is exhausting.
     Being a sociopath means it is morally easy for you to manipulate people, but boy is it tough otherwise. Some people possess a modicum of somewhat respectable intelligence, making them tough nuts to crack. However, most people are pathetic balls of insecure stupidity. Unfortunately, this makes them impossible to predict, and thus difficult to manipulate. It’s a real drag. 

3. People think you’re nice because you’re polite. 
    As a sociopath, you learn to be polite because being impolite gets you negative and unwanted attention. However, the positive unwanted attention you are giving me because I said “I’m good, how are you?” is just as horrible. It was a rhetorical question. I don’t care how you are. Shut the hell up, please. 

4. Everyone wants to do you all the time. Even dudes sometimes.
    Sociopaths have no inhibitions, because those require feelings. As mentioned, we don’t understand feelings. Uninhibited people get laid mad crazy son. Trust me. It’s cool at first, but then it’s all like “OK I get it, just suck it already and stop talking about your friends. Unless I can also have sex with them.” It’s pretty exhausting and almost nobody wants you to do their friends too. 

5. Your frontal lobe system is probably impaired.
     Seriously, mine’s real effed up. 

6. Indifference makes it hard to complete tasks. 
    Sociopaths cannot always see things through because they don’t give a single shit. Life is hard when you cannot finish things because you

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